tuesday, 21.08.2018

If I was to define this record somehow, I would say it's just what I wanted it to be. It's kind of important, because artists usually complain about this or that, or they tend to say it could always be better. But I am really happy about what we've achieved, or even more about what lies ahead, as it's just the beginning.

Why MAGDA & INDIGO? Because it sounds nice, because INDIGO is my husband - Piotr Królik, the drummer and band leader, as well as my true friends and my rock - Tomasz "Banan" Banaś - guitars, Marek Buchowicz - bass guitar, and my new friends - Kamil Barański - keyboards, and Karolina Sumowska - backing vocals.

"CUDA"!(WONDERS) That's what we've called this record, which is not only the title of one of the songs, but it also illustrates the real wonders happening while recording. One of the wonders is Piotr Siejka - the producer, composer, arranger, pianist and vocalist. He is a man, whose musical sensitivity enchanted me totally, whom I trusted completely and was never let down. The lyrics are written by Paulina Przybysz, Rysiu Kunce, Franciszek Toeplitz and Janusz Onufrowicz. Each of them enriches the lyrical part with something new, expressing it in a way which is close to my heart. I wrote some of the lyrics myself. "Ballada macierzyńska"(Motherly ballade) - my favourite, about my little daughter Zosia, "Kłamstwa"(Lies) - a let-out of my emotions, "Możesz mieć"(You can have), "Nigdy nie przestane"(I'll never stop), "Dobrze wiesz"(You know well), "Tam gdzie ty"(Where you are) - a very personal song, and of course "Drzwi"(The door) - it's about me, and Rysiu Kunce helped me out with this one.

We worked for almost 2 years, but in fact it involved taking more breaks than real work and then there was talking about it all and a lot of good laugh! What's most important and most emotional to me is the vocals, which I recorded being seven-month pregnant. A WONDERful experience! When we finally signed up a contract with Universal Music Polska, everything began to take speed.

The single "Pewnie dlatego"(Surely that's why) by Piotr Siejka and Rysiu Kunce is the herald of what we've created. A truly energetic song, and while listening to it, it's really hard to sit still! I hope all those who search for something more in pop music than just simple rhythm and plain emotions will enjoy this CD.

I'm sending my love to all!

Wish me luck!